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architectural facades- rock wall

Architectural Stone & Facades

Architectural stone can provide a functional purpose. It can be used as a retaining wall to improve the landscapeā€™s aesthetic appearance, thus enhancing the value of the property. Retaining walls are usually created using stacked stone or concrete blocks, but neither is attractive enough for most homeowners to want to look at it on their property every day.

The solution is to install an architectural face on the retaining wall that can be either ornamental or functional. Cosmetic looks are more decorative, while available walls have holes drilled into them to plant flowers.

One way homeowners can give their landscape a look that will impress visitors and increase the value of their property is by building a wall with an attractive face. Making the wall understated yet decorative can be challenging, but resources are available to help homeowners who take on this project themselves.

Using stone as a base material for your landscaping can provide many advantages, including being fire resistant, environmentally friendly, easy to install, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it is relatively easy to install stone in landscaping due to its manageable size and weight. Stone also provides an area that allows plants with roots that need some shade or water to grow healthy while still allowing enough exposure through the cracks in the stone.

Stone is also fire resistant, which is an essential feature in landscaping, particularly prone to wildfires. Stone does not catch on fire and crumble like elements such as wood and dry plants do and thus poses less of a threat to homes nearby if a wildfire were to occur.

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You can also contact Mex Landscaping for softscape installation to accentuate your landscape. We use soft landscaping materials like gravel, stones, and decomposed granite to add a new dimension to your yard and elevate its appeal. With our softscape solutions, you can customize your landscape the way you want while working within your budget. Call us now for discussing your landscaping project!